ARRIVE Overview

ARRIVE enables businesses to predictively detect when one of their customers is approaching a physical destination and to take action in response. The ability to accurately detect where the customer is without draining their smartphone battery, and to predict when the customer is about to arrive sets ARRIVE apart from other approaches to proximity and location. ARRIVE opens up a broad range of uses that would not otherwise work due to the low accuracy and poor reliability of other solutions.

ARRIVE overview

ARRIVE is built into the mobile applications of many leading brands such as CVS Pharmacy, Chipotle, Sephora and Nordstrom. They depend on ARRIVE to delight their customers in novel ways that traditional commerce, both online and offline, does not. For CVS, ARRIVE is the lynchpin of their online-to-offline pickup experience. ARRIVE alerts store employees when a customer is near so that the order will be ready the moment the customer pulls up. Nordstrom uses ARRIVE to prepare dressing rooms for customers who selected clothing online to try on in the store. Upon arrival, customers have reserved items available in a dressing room with their name on the door.

These are by no means the only uses for ARRIVE. The actions taken upon user arrival are product-specific and are entirely up to the businesses and the developers who envision different scenarios for the service.

We’re sure that there are many creative uses that we have never thought of, and welcome your participation in the Curbside community- let us know how you’re using ARRIVE.

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