ARRIVE Console

The ARRIVE Console is a mobile app that lets you know when your users are coming to your location so you can create a personalized experience when they arrive. The ARRIVE Console is available for both iOS and Android platforms.

ARRIVE Console for iOS

Key Features

  • Know when your users will arrive
  • Receive push notification and audio alerts when each user is approaching
  • Receive push notification and audio alerts when each user has arrived
  • Get map and list views of your users (customers) and their orders, distances, and ETAs
  • Designed for ease-of-use for store personnel who must prepare for the customer experience
  • Works on any iOS or Android tablet or mobile device

How ARRIVE Console Works

The ARRIVE Console is built by Curbside using the ARRIVE SDK, which you need to integrate into your mobile app. To learn how to integrate the SDK into your user-facing app, see the Quick Start Guide for iOS or Quick Start Guide for Android.

After you integrate the SDK, your app will transmit data to the ARRIVE Cloud, which it processes and analyzes. The ARRIVE Console will periodically update its display with user positions and will send push notifications and audio alerts if a user is approaching or has arrived.

Any app using the Curbside Platform will also have access to the ARRIVE dashboard, a web application that provides real-time data and statistics about the trips to your locations.

System requirements

  • iOS 10.x+ or Android 6.x+
  • Background App Refresh permission
  • Location Services Enabled
  • Cellular Data if available
  • Reliable Wifi Connection

The ARRIVE Console is currently distributed as an enterprise app for iOS and Android. Contact Curbside to receive a distribution of the ARRIVE Console that is ready to work with your account.