Manage Sites

Sites are physical locations near a road network, which are typically (but not always) a store, a restaurant, or a place of business. Use the ARRIVE dashboard to add, edit and remove your sites.

Each site has a unique ID that you will need to refer to when using the ARRIVE SDK or REST API. This ID must be specified when the site is created and cannot be changed later.

Account IDs are prefixes to Site IDs. A best practice when creating sites is to use your own unique site identifier and place it in front of your account ID. The benefit is that you don't have to keep track of the ARRIVE site ID in your database. For example: Hardware Depot has a store that has an internal ID of 1337, which would become hardwaredepot_1337 when converted to an ARRIVE site ID.

Attribute descriptions

Attribute Description
ID A unique ID to refer to the site. Cannot be changed after the site is created.
Name (Optional) User-friendly name of the site.
Location Address of the site.
Coordinates Latitude, longitude coordinates of the exact location where customers are greeted. You must manually adjust this coordinate when adding a site through the dashboard.