How ARRIVE Works

ARRIVE works by following a trip and measuring a user’s progress toward a physical location (a site). A trip is defined by a user’s movement through the physical world, starting from an arbitrary location and making progress toward a well-known, predefined site. A site can be a store, a restaurant, a hotel, or any other physical location near a road network. A trip begins in response to a user action that is defined by the developer and initiated with the ARRIVE SDK. A trip finishes when that trip is stopped, either through the use of the ARRIVE SDK or the ARRIVE REST API. Typically, this occurs when the user reaches the site specified at the beginning of the trip.

The three components below work together to predict and determine trip arrivals and to provide analytics about trips:

Image of how ARRIVE works

Mobile App

The mobile app is a user-facing (or customer, shopper, guest, delivery driver, etc.) device running mobile software with the ARRIVE SDK. The mobile app starts trips and sends data to the ARRIVE Cloud.


The ARRIVE Cloud receives events sent by the mobile app, makes continual predictions about whether a user is on approach to the site, and notifies the monitor app when the user’s arrival is imminent. The ARRIVE Cloud learns and improves based on millions of user approaches to real-world commerce sites. It also builds analytics for the ARRIVE dashboard.

Monitor App

A monitor app can receive approaching alerts, track a user’s trip status, and close out trips when completed. Any iOS or Android app can serve as a monitor app by using the ARRIVE SDK to receive events directly from ARRIVE. If your monitor app is a web app or a point of sale device, you can integrate with ARRIVE using webhooks and our REST API. Curbside customers also deploy the ARRIVE Console as their monitor app.

How the Three Components Work Together

The mobile app uses the ARRIVE SDK to report data to the ARRIVE Cloud, where the events are processed and analyzed to predict the user’s direction and intent. When ARRIVE determines that the user’s arrival is imminent, the monitor app is notified. Upon receipt of this notification, employees at the site can be directed to take the product-specific actions to prepare for the user’s (their customer’s) arrival.

Getting Started

Complete these three tasks to use ARRIVE:

  1. Set up your sites (destinations).
  2. Add the ARRIVE SDK to your mobile app.
  3. Add the ARRIVE SDK or REST API to your monitor app to receive notifications.

Site Setup

To complete a trip, your users must be able to select sites or destinations. You can set up one site to get started. Creating and managing multiple sites is painless.

Mobile App

The mobile app is responsible for starting trips and sending data to the ARRIVE Cloud, and it accomplishes these tasks by integrating with our ARRIVE SDK. Currently, we offer SDKs for iOS and Android.

Monitor App

The monitor app is any application that receives notifications from the ARRIVE Cloud, indicating when a user has completed a trip. You can turn any iOS or Android mobile app into a monitor app using the ARRIVE SDK. Or you can integrate into a desktop app or point-of-sale system using webhooks and the ARRIVE REST API. You can also use the ARRIVE Console out of the box as your monitor app.

Quick Start Guides

Step-by-step instructions are available for integrating the ARRIVE SDK with iOS apps, Android apps, and iOS monitor apps.

Development Sandbox

We know how important testing is to building good software. ARRIVE makes it easy to develop applications that depend on it without interfering with production use, metrics, and results.

When you create a usage token or API key, you have the ability to specify whether it is a production credential or not. Only production credentials will affect production data. Once a credential has been created, it cannot be switched to production or vice versa. This rule guarantees that you won’t suddenly or mistakenly find mysterious activity in production that interferes with the operation of your ARRIVE application.

Usage Limits

ARRIVE is free for the first five sites and the first 30 days. After that period, please contact us for terms.

Next Steps